Gust of wind

M Minakshi Devi
Body and mind mine today feel a punctured audacity,
Whilst lead I a confined life amidst global calamity.
Lonely, losing control  over my breathing ability
When body-hairs stand erect in bristling anxiety.
Lay I upset, jaws grip, teeth grind, raise cracking sound.
Shiny spirit mine seems losing its bloating might.
Seeks so a soft, safe landing ground.
Brain motors, can’t focus on sensible thoughts.
Erupts their only incessant spirals of illusive thoughts.
Fiercely force builds up as crackers in vexed mind.
Soon, the crackers start to burst as a volcanic blast.
Erupts mental agonies as lava, so uncool and unkind.
It’s blaze blurs my fair sight,
Besiege bloat of my spirit and its might.
The sour cracking sound fills mind with fear.
All I wish now is mind be cool, sight be clear.
Shaky, stay scared I still in suffocative confined.
Confused, solution to rockify the molten mind, how to find?
Choked in confined, stepped out I, still confused.
A gust of wind, so cool, thrashes me there, soothed.
Felt I, mental heat is fast getting defused.
Relieved, ponder I, have I found the sought for solution?
Stepped out I often, now and then, in alleviation.
Awaits the refreshing gust of wind, relaxed, but in isolation.