Why we should follow Dr SN Subba Rao (Bhaiji) ?

Salam Rupachandra Singh
Contd from previous issue
On the routine, the NYP has been conducting about 10 camps in a year. They are : National Integration Camps, Communal Harmony Camps, Literacy Camps, Relief Camps for victims of riots, earthquake, women's camps, camps for Management Course, South East Asia Friendship Camp.
On an average, there are 250 to 500 young men and women campers. Some camps were of 2,000-4,000, and the one at Kevadia, Gujarat in which NYP collaborated with other youth organizations, the number was 23,500 and they worked for planting trees on the mountains. The campers wake up early morning and sang the youth song, work in community on a select project for 2 to 4 hours, learnt each other's language, talks and discussion, play games suitable for India, exchange talents with others, preferred, all-religions prayers, cultural programmes and visited villages during the camp for different chunk of time for generally 8 to 10 days.
Bhaiji in Khadi shirts and shorts, chappal worn, hanging a bag on shoulder led us in camps for various activities. His mission was to do good things, to be a good human being, caring for self and countrymen and overall for human beings. He led with numerous marching songs, devotional songs and sarva dharma prathana ie, all religious prayer. Finally another feature of Bharat ki Santan, the children of India, was choreographed and staged in every camp wherein the campers representing the regions from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Manipur to Gujarat danced, sang and acted depicting the religious, cultural and social practices.
The youth song Nav Jawan Aao-re, which is very popular and its translated text is Come all youths, sing all youths, March in steps, March ahead on and on, Youths of this land, Gardeners of this garden, March all together, fighting hardships, Make this a great new bright World, Divisions of religious, separations of Nations, Quarrels for languages, build bridges across them all, As children of One Mother, let us raise the Flag of Unity.
The devotional song-Sabke liye Khula hai-open to all is our temple runs as Open to all is this temple of our. The Temple obliterates distinctions. Come belonging to all sects and religions. This Masjid Mosque belongs to people of all Nations. Human religion is that in which salvation is achieved. This our Church cherishes the well being of all.  Saints have all spoken of the brotherhood of all. Our Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) respects all Gods. Difference of opinion brings no division among us. Our Namo Ghar (Assamese Temple) is the symbol of oneness. Come one and all, let us gather for prayer. Tukdya sings immortal is our Temple.
And likewise, in the Sarva dharma prathana, All Religious prayer session we chanted for Budhism-I salute the enlightened, I salute righteousness, I salute the community.
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