Why we should follow Dr SN Subba Rao (Bhaiji) ?

Salam Rupachandra Singh
Contd from previous issue
 Vedic-Hindu-Whatever is in this universe, God has caused it to be. Therefore, having offered everything in sacrifice in His name thou mayest be pleased with whatever thou mayest receive. Have then no desire for wealth in thy heart in whosoever possession it may be. Islam-I surrender myself to the God to save me from all evil forces. I start my day with the name of God, who blesses us with all His kindness. He deserves all kinds of praises. He is the one who is the feeder and the protector of all the universe. He is very kind. He is the chief justice for the last days of judgement. O, Allah: we devote our prayers to You to seek Your help. Kindly lead us on the right path the path on which Your blessed ones walked; not that path on which they walked who were cursed by You and not that of those who have forgotten Your path.Parsee-O, Hormazda: Kindly tell me about the word of the best religion and the work which is to be done by me ; so that while traversing the path of truth I may be able to sing Your praise. Kindly make me a puppet in your hand and lead me ahead as Your desire. Allot me all the freshness of life and the happiness of paradise.Judaism-Listen O! Israel Our master is One; the only One.Christian-Our Father Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earch, As it is in Heaven Give us this day our Daily Bread And Forgive our Trespasses, as we forgive Those who trespass Against us And Lead us not into Temptation But Deliver us From Evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the Glory, For ever and ever — Åmen.Sikh-Be with the holy blessings of the holy teacher, who is the only one, Who is called the Truth and Who is always all pervading and Who is the creator of the wholeuniverse, one who is able and omnipotent, One Who is neither fearful nor hateful, One Whose existence is beyond the reach of death.Jain- Bow to the God; bow to the perfect; bow to the teacher; bow to the preacher and bow to all the saints in the world. These five blessings will deliver you from all the sins, do good unto you and all will be well.
Concluding with the Sanskrit sloka- May all the happy, all healthy and free of diseases may all experience Bliss, let no come to anyone.
Under the inspiring leadership of its Founder President Dr. S.N. Subba Rao, National Youth Project launched the Goodwill Mission known as the Sadbhavna Rail Yatra in collaboration with the Government of India, 2545 young men and women from 26 states of India and a few from outside, speaking different languages, having different religious and cultural background with different political views and coming from different strata of society, toured the length and breadth of this vast country, covering 21 states. They lived 12 months in the Special Train as members of one family, transcending all differences. Their mission was to spread the message of love, peace, friendship, communal harmony, brotherhood of man and world peace.
The Goodwill Mission was a grand success, and more than 70 lakhs people received the message. It was welcomed by all religious and socio political groups, District Collectors, business houses, educational institutions including 33 universities and a large number of governmental and non-governmental organisations. Peace Councils were set up in many states as follow up work.
Transcending geographical barriers, NYP has expanded its family to countries like America, Canada, London, Germany, Israel, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and has been working for international understanding and world peace. 1998 was the 15th year of NYP conducting camps in America. An Asian Youth Camp is slated for the second half of May, 1999 at Lucknow.
Though over the years the N.Y.P. has conducted hundreds of camps and other programmes and more than 2,00,000 youths have got their benefit, the organisation has very few whole time workers. The real strength of the movement is the many dedicated workers who volunteer time for every programme. Because we envisage a movement spread all over the country, it can be done only through a band of dedicated workers, who work for their love of the mission and not for getting financial gains. These workers include college professors, peace researchers, school teachers, lawyers, social workers, business persons, housewives, freedom fighters and many others. Some retired personnel are especially helpful. Retired persons can render big service to Mother India by joining hands with the youths in constructive work.
In our country, as also elsewhere, normally the whole governmental and non-governmental machinery comes into play once violence occurs. But what is needed is to create an atmosphere in the country and in the world so that no such situation occurs at all. The youths after going through camps are trying to establish 'Sadbhavana Samitis' in villages and localities in towns. Citizens also could take the initiative to constitute 'Sadbhavana Samitis'. A minimum programme that Sadbhavana Samitis could do is to organise at least one all-religions prayers meeting every month. Then, they could organise religious festivals of all religions in public, inviting people of other religions also for the programmes. In case of natural or man-made calamities youth force has shown to be most helpful. The need today is to have hundreds of youth camps and other programmes.
As now the ethereal body of Bhaiji perishes, it has caused an impact on us all and to mankind. However, it is the need to practice, preserve and follow his path of philosophy . Even the India Government is being humbly urged to take up appropriate action to immortalise the ideas and action of Bhaiji in generations to come by instituting awards and honours in this name at the National and international level so that India becomes a leading Nation in the world.