'Hope for the best, prepare for the worst' Preparation to tackle Covid spread during poll

The pandemic that has ravaged the world for the last 2 years has been showing signs of slowing down in the State as well as in the Country during the last couple of weeks with daily tallies and TPR reporting below 5.
However, many experts have opined on numerous occasions that the pandemic is far from over and it would be not right for the people and the Nation at large to let their guards down. Many experts and doctors have also predicted a possible third wave many times which seems to be coming true with the recent reports of the virus' resurgence in Russia with daily fatalities reporting above 1,000.
Amidst such reports, the State is gearing up for a big fight amongst the number of intending candidates in the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election. What have been common scenes in election campaigns and poll related activities in all the 60 Assembly Constituencies of the State are the clear disregard for COVID-19 SOP including maintaining social distancing, no large gatherings of people and wearing of masks properly. Such blatant disregard for guidelines and directives meant for the larger good will serve as an open invitation to the 'Third Wave'.
Both the Government as well as the public seemed to have become complacent and forgotten the dangers posed by the COVID-19 and its variants. Given that both the public and the Government are to be blamed, but the Government has a responsibility towards the public, which translates to the safety and wellbeing of all beings, which can not be neglected at all cost.
The Government needs to present itself as a more responsible element of the State more than before as the people of the State are not prepared or in fact will not be able to face another outbreak that will bring all the business to a standstill.
So, the question here is what preparations have the Government taken up to ensure that the poll related  activities does not become a mass spreader?
As they say in the military, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, it is high time the Government addresses such issues before it is too late. No harm no foul in staying prepared!