The journey so far

Dr Ranbir Laishram

A nightmare for all
Inside a cell I was,
Caged by the Covid-19 pandemic woes
Lockdown after lockdown and curfew...
The first time I was facing in my generation,
And also the first time, I learnt to dwell in my own world,
Without realising, what was in store for me in the days to come.

Time went by and I started to think,
Learning things that I began to cherish.
And despite the longing for life outside, that lay upon me the most,
I loved the loneliness the very more.

It is said "Inside every soul there is a universe".
And I learnt as I age further on, the true meaning of these words.
Through the path I developed  my love for the serene beauty of Nature with It's chirping  birds, woods, deep and dark, dancing flowers and greeneries around...
All became my acquaintances, then  friends I couldn’t live without.
Closer to the Mother nature,
Every day, my life became easier than the previous.

As the Virus loosens its grip over humans,
The loneliness is leaving me gradually.
I could see life,returning to near normal.
Siren noise of ambulance and police car,  heard less,
Also the cry and lament of the weary souls.
But, poetry has become a companion of my life,
And I decided to choose the path less walked by,
which I never imagined to walk,
And here I am writing this poem, without a regret of my choice.
And, in the midst of it all, I wonder where shall my path now lead.
and I know for one thing, that journey is still long from over.

The future I see is sunny and pleasant.
The path less walked by is now left with  vibrant footsteps,
Of mine, forever ingrained in the sands of time.
And, just as how , my inner adviser has  guided me,
I shall continue to walk on my journey,
Also encourage many others like me to walk the test of time.