Remembering our great- great grandmothers

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Our great - great - grandmas,
Who occupied a special status,
In the then kingdom of “ kangleipak “.
Economic and  political reformers,
Warriors for social justice,
against mass exploitation and artificial famine,
triggered by the British imperialists.
We all worship them;
Their love and affection for the ‘Jeweled land’,
And the path they traveled is remembered by all ...

Honoring the great “Nupi Lan Movement”,
We commemorate “Nupi Lan Day”,
The “Women’s War”on Dec.12 every year.
We pay a tribute to the great souls
“Nupi Lan Memorial Complex”
dedicated to the memory of our grandmas,
who sacrificed their lives fighting for justice.

The harsh realities of life at this moment,
Amid the war for survival,
and politics of opportunism,
Amid erosion of traditional and cultural values,
and a cry for justice for diverse issues,
Voice against all odds and evil - considered a crime,
A brain drain of young talented workforce, far and wide in search of greener pastures,
Leaving a void difficult to fill up,
In a land with less job opportunity.

Where do we stand now,
In times of adversity ?
We fight and destroy each other.
We all face a divided society,
Amongst our brethren.
A solemn prayer for all  -
Let the spirit of wisdom prevail
among individuals,
Let us not allow ourselves let down by narrow domestic walls ,
And let peace and harmony prevail amongst the people of our homeland.