Roots of migrant massacre in Kashmir

Er Prabhat Kishore
Contd from issue
 But no one has a word of condolences to the family of  the unfortunate victims of the barbaric merchants of death of these innocent migrants. Is this not simply because they don't belong to a particular community and have not been gunned down by Hindu miscreants ? Such selective attitude of  the parties is supplying oxygen to the communal agenda of the militants.
Those who believe and talk about the so-called “Two-nation Theory”, have already parted ways  with their share. Now not only the Biharis, but also each & every son of the soil has Constitutional as well as the very vital Spiritual Right to live, learn, work and earn in any part of the Bharat Mata and that too with respect & dignity. Though, the migrants in Kashmir have shifted for a moment, yet they will definitely return to work at the same spot very soon.
If the Central Government wants the development of the natives across Jammu &  Kashmir, then along with the gunning down of the terrorists & local criminals, the white-dressed provoking persons have to be penalized for their anti-national, anti-social and anti-people activities. In the name of democracy, pro-Pakistan leaders can not be left free to spread their poisonous messages, resulting in the massacre of the innocent sons of the soil.
(Author is a technocrat and educationist. He holds a Master in Engineering from M.N. Regional Engineering College, Allahabad/Prayagraj)