Hymn on autumn

M Minakshi Devi
For due fall,as the Nature makes its call,
Changes in and around commenced for the fall.
Unaware sprightly how a comfy spell of seasons fled,
Alike a chameleon’s swapping its colour,in need or in glad.
How generously dead twigs and leaves fall On their mother’s feet to rot , them to nourish,
Before their incarnation on branches of trees .
Mixing up with the refreshing showers of October,
The falls create sensitising scent to dissipate around in air,
Apprising all, the winter approaches near. Urging all, gather fuels or heaters to embrace chills with cheer.
Alerting but all ,handle fire with care.
Little by little, Autumn sheds its warmth,
As Nature now calls the warmth to fall
To pave way for the cold to become tall.
Awesome Autumn finally bids a warm goodbye
Whilst appealing all, befriend the Winter with a warm tie.