Carol on Christmas

M Minakshi Devi
Love I the sweet smell of Christmas
Along with all the twinkling lights,
Log fires in the fireplace,
On those chilling cold winter nights.
Serene smell of the Christmas goodies
That is baked with tender love and care,
Carols in the distance, raises laughter everywhere.
Tinsel wrapped round and round,
Candles light the holy night,
Making saint Santa's journey shiny and bright.
Christmas is not for showy gifts or for glittering decors.
It is for honouring our saviour, Lord Jesus Christ,
With pure prayer, with humble adoration.
So rejoice everyone, for, today the child of God is born.
Cheer one and all, let us fill the birthday celebration with devotion and adorn.
May the Lord shower godly love and blessings on us.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas.