Three new studies suggest Omicron has lower hospitalization risk and is milder than other variants

Ryan Browne
Contd from previous issue
The Netherlands entered a full lockdown this weekend, leaving only supermarkets and essential shops open.
Fears over the new variant have put a dampener on the winter holidays for many, as people change their plans in an effort to avoid catching Covid, or have to isolate if they do.
In the UK, the Government is shortening the mandatory self-isolation period in England from 10 days to seven for those who get negative lateral flow test results on two consecutive days.
Preliminary studies have shown that the unvaccinated are being hit the hardest by Omicron, and even those with two shots are seeing breakthrough infections. However, three doses have been shown to offer protection against the Omicron variant, leading authorities in the UK, US and elsewhere to ramp up their booster shot programs.
Pfizer and BioNTech announced earlier this month that while two doses of their vaccine may still offer protection against severe disease, protection is improved with a third dose, according to an early laboratory study. However, the World Health Organization on Wednesday warned such booster drives threatened to prolong the pandemic, as unequal access to vaccines could lead to the emergence of more mutations of the virus. Courtesy Bloomberg