Are we doing justice to our homeland ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram

Marvels,Natural and man - made
In many countries,islands and oceans
Known to all through virtual world
Friends, who were there
Described the awesome wonders
in their own ways,
A feeling of proud of being there
True, it is a treasure to travel
and see the beauties
But, not possible for all ...

Back home, our homeland
Anciently known as 'Kangleipak'
The Jeweled land,
A scenic beauty of nature,
God gifted oval Green valley
Surrounded by nine hill ranges.
Gives us home, shelter and light.
From natural beauties to sports
and cultural heritage,
Our greatest strength is youth power
We are proud of her history,
Full of struggles and victories.
Virgin Mineral resources
Unexplored, untapped over generations
because of conditional  ownership,
Many places,full of mystery
Remains unexplored till date...

United we're one
We want peace,not war
Where diversity meets unity.
Where abundance meets opportunity
Do we really love our motherland ?
We dump garbage into her lap
Illegal buildings and ill-built roads,
Exploitation of valley, forest resources and greeneries and water bodies...
We block her flows and dirty her rivers,
To cleanse it up, she never tires.
Very few have unconditional love and affection for our motherland !!
Amid great promises, tall talks of the mighty
for a better homeland
Amid claims and counterclaims of  ownership
People fight each other for her piece of land
But, she finds a way for us to remain united.