As I see the world in one page

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Wherever I go,
Whosoever I meet,
Wherever I set my eyes on,
I find the same ,
A human with a digital mobile phone.

An era of digital technology,
An irreversible fact of the world today.
The whole power in one's fingertips!
A powerful teacher, it is
Emotionally tied,
With captivating smart capabilities,
From Vedanta to philosophy,
From politics to religion,
The melodious songs,
The best of every speciality,
A whole plethora of the virtual world.

God gifted brain cells
Over fed with digital information and knowledge.
Many a people so consumed,
Often the self is getting lost,
In the fool’s paradise of the virtual world,
Far away from reality.
Drowned in its realm,
Distracted driving and walking,
Millions lost their lives.

For the users
A choice tempted,
For, the whole universe is there in one page.
What an invention!
What a Boon!
What a tragedy!
In a second,
It can go either way.
Is this a life
For better and for worse?
Every invention has its merits and perils.
Every user is facing a dual challenge.
One needs to mitigate the harms And maximize the benefits.
As I continue to see the world,
With the tip of my index finger
Through this small page,
I often get myself lost in the vast ocean of eternal uncertainties.