Netaji’s DNA & INA Moirang

Free Thinker
It is quite thrilling to espouse the cause of INA veterans and Netaji’s fans & fraternity. They really want to start a Netaji & INA study center at Moirang, 35 Km from Imphal, where INA hoisted the national tricolor for the first time on Indian mainland after a victory (Andaman event was far away from mainland, though preceded Moirang).  They also desire that as a part of the closing ceremony of Netaji’s 125th birth anniversary the tallest national flag may be erected in and around Moirang, in honor and remembrance of Netaji and INA. The  high-level organizing committee of ‘PARAKRAM DIWAS’  may consider these humble  proposals of INA associates.
Manipuris are very proud to be a part of INA saga as they were directly or tacitly linked with the INA campaigns in Moirang, Nambol, Kakching, Imphal, Kohima etc.. It was at Moirang, Manipur where the Indian National Army unfurled the tri-color on April, 14, 1944 on Indian mainland; tri-color flag was also hoisted in Port Blair  on 30th Dec 1943, but it was far away from the Indian mainland.  One of the first INA offices on Indian soil was set up at Moirang; the revered office site is identified and yet to be acquired. This is the site where INA operated the First Provincial Government of independent India (as declared by INA). And from this location the slogan Delhi Chalo was further reverberated.  
With this unique historical background the people of Manipur particularly from Moirang would like to setup a Netaji Study Centre at Moirang in the larger national interest and in the fond memory of Netaji's historic struggle and that of INA. And the tallest pole for holding the Indian National Tricolour Flag may be erected in and around Moirang. The highest Tricolor Flag Stand/pole of the Nation may be installed at the tallest hillock in the middle of the Loktak lake, so that it is visible  from all directions.
A group of INA veterans strongly believe that Netaji was very much in and around Manipur in 1944. They believe that he was at least near the border to study war strategy - preparing  multiple entries into India. Some said he stayed one night at Moreh, 120 km away from Imphal. No one could verify this claim but certainly he was in and around the Indo-Burma border in the early parts of 1944. INA veterans did not deny his presence. So the ‘PARAKRAM’ celebration may also be extended even upto Moreh if possible.
When I last visited Moirang, surprisingly I saw a group of Bengalis who were roaming around the INA museum/memorial located there.  I had the opportunity to speak with the lovely visitors. I asked them why they are here – for Loktak or Sangai? Their reply was heart fondering - “we are here to pay our respect and tribute to the INA heroes and Netaji who was one of the greatest sons of India and the biggest hero of Bengal."
I read somewhere that when GoI approached Netaji‘s near and dear ones about conferring Bharat Ratna to the revered leader . Their response was – “it is too late and Netaji is beyond that”. Indeed Netaji Subhas Chandra Boss should have been conferred Bharat Ratna long time back. Netajis’s daughter believes that Netaji died in the plane crash on 18 August 1945.  The Government of India may collect the urn which supposedly contains the ashes/remains of Netaji from Renkoji Temple, Japan and conduct a DNA test of the same.   
INA fans and Netaji admirers have expressed their desire to organize the closing function of ‘PARAKRAM DIWAS’ in Manipur. The same sentiment was also echoed in Parliament by Dr RK  Ranjan Singh, Member of Parliament MP  from the State. It will be a fitting tribute to Netaji if Pradhan Mantri ji unfurls the tallest National flag to mark the closing ceremony here at Moirang, the karma bhoomi of INA on Indian mainland. This flag hoisting ceremony may be followed by the declaration of the DNA test result of  Netaji (using the ashes/remains of Renkoji temple) as the SHOW STOPPER OF THE CELEBRATION.  By doing so we are also fulfilling the desire of the daughter of Netaji, Dr.Anita Boss.