I will rise

M Minakshi Devi
Hey! My mythological rival,
Why are you beset with so much gloom?
Does my bloating spirit upset your mood?
You may wish to puncture the bloat with your pointed nail
But, just like the Moon and the Sun securing surety of tides
And like a flourishing aspiration that springing up high,
Still, I'll strive to rise.
You may like to write me down in modern history.
With your twisted truth and bitter lies.
You may tend to trod me in the very dirt.
But, just like dust that rises up when hit
Still,l will strive to rise.
You may seek to humble and halt me hurling thorny hurdles.
But marching across the pitch dark night of all suppressions and barriers.
Paving way to step into a bright daybreak,
Still,I will strive to rise.
You may seek to knock me down entangling in a fatuous foul play.
But just like a threatened or wounded boar,
That fiercely fights back to survive,
Still, I'll strive to rise.