KYKL celebrates MYL raising day

IMPHAL, Feb 20
As observed every year, the proscribed KYKL celebrated the 17th raising day of its armed wing, Miyamgi Yawol Lanmi (MYL) on February 16.
The function was observed at its GHQ-1st Bn, CHQ, 2nd Bn, 3rd Bn, units and sections.
The main function was held at GHQ-1st Battalion with N Oken, Chairman of KYKL, who is also the supreme commander of MYL as chief guest while Captain Dhana, CO, GHQ-1st Battalion, presided the function, conveyed a statement issued by the outfit’s publicity and research secretary A Yaiphaba.
Many prominent members of KYKL were present during the function. Some of these prominent members were Toijam Ibochou, Vice-Chairman of the organisa- tion, K Nimai, Secretary of Finance and COAS-in-Charge, and Adjutant Lt Col Ingba. Besides, the occasion was attended by KCP’s Finance Secretary Comrade H Ibomcha and Comrade M Punshiba, CO, 131st Bn, MFL, as guests of honour.
The main features of the function were offering of floral tribute to revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives in the course of the revolutionary struggle and observation of two minutes' silence in honour of their sacrifices.
Speaking on the occasion, N Oken expressed gra- titude and extended revolutionary greetings to all revolutionary organizations of WESEA region.
He elaborated how KYKL came into being and how its armed wing MYL has been fighting against the Indian colonial forces.
He maintained that the revolutionary movement in the region has now entered a point where there is a need to push the movement with new vigour.
"We must fight against those adversary  forces that have been sent to our land, equipped with the idea of Akhand Bharat, tightly anchored to Hindutva," he stated.
He also stressed the need to identify the basic contradiction between the Indian armies organized through spiritualistic idea of Akhand Bharat and the revolutionary cadres fighting to bring about a sovereign socialist society.
He also said that only a united struggle of all the revolutionary organizations could defeat the ‘enemy’.
In order to bring about a socialist society, every member of the  organization must understand the socialist political system and all the categories and principles related to it, the Chairman elaborated.
He reminded all the cadres of the organization that the primary objective of MYL is to unite all the revolutionary organizations of WESEA region and launch a united struggle to liberate the region from the alleged colonial yoke and bring a socialist society to WESEA.
He added that only a radical organization that can grasp the dialectics of the development of human history could establish a powerful army wing capable of establishing a socialist society.
He also said, "In the face of the alleged colonial situation that our people have now experienced, all the revolutionary organizations in our region must unite as one body, leaving aside old divisive theories."