ATSUM decries 'pathetic education system' in hill districts

IMPHAL, Feb 21
The All Tribal Student's Union Manipur (ATSUM) based on its four month long educational survey tour in all hill districts has expressed its utter disappointment with the present system of education in the  hill districts.
Endorsing the remarks MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur made during the ongoing budget session of the State Assembly, ATSUM raised serious concern over the poor education system in all the hill districts due to “negligence of the State Government”.
A press statement issued by  ATSUM’s education secretary Kaikho Hopeson Mao stated that the student body, during its survey and research tour, noticed the “failing” education system in the hill districts. The survey team found poor student & teacher attendance, substitution system,  utilisation of teachers, lack of basic infrastructure and inadequate teaching staff in many schools and colleges.
ATSUM, which has been vocal against utilization of teachers, said the “ugly practise” should be immediately stopped. Utilization of teachers posted in hill districts has left the schools and colleges without adequate staff for the institutions to function.
It is a bitter truth and irony that there are excess teachers in schools and colleges of Imphal while the institutions in hill districts are left without sufficient teachers.  Asserting that the Education Departments (School & Higher) continue to play safe blaming rampant 'political transfer', ATSUM questioned if the highly acclaimed "School Phagathansi and New Education Policy are envisioned only for the valley based educational institutions or are they applicable to hill districts also.
It is high time, the State Government stops closing its eyes to the major and urgent issues raised by ATSUM and acts accordingly to address the issues.
The student body further noted that it will not remain a spectator if the Government does not act in time to save the deteriorating education system in the hill districts.
ATSUM will fight tooth and nail to avail the Right to Education under Article 21 (A), it said.