Need to establish cause of death Lead from the front !

It is crucial that the exact cause of the death of the Anganwadi worker be established as soon as possible. It is also equally important that the whole process of working out the cause of her death be as transparent as possible, for that is the way to earn the confidence of the people. This should be the priority of the Government  at the moment. There should be no room for any doubts to be raised by the people. That the Government of India is intent on covering as many people as possible in the vaccination drive is clear and the message that greets whenever one dials a number is an indication of how serious the Government is to do away with any sort of misgivings people may have on the safety of the vaccines-Covishield and Covaxin. This is the reason why the exact cause of the death of the young Anganwadi worker needs to be worked out and made public. It is also important to keep in mind that over 40 thousand individuals including healthcare workers have been vaccinated so far with no severe case of adverse reactions reported so far. Apart from establishing the exact cause of death of the young Anganwadi worker, the Government will also need to think out of the box and see how the people can be made to voluntarily step forward to receive the vaccination shot for remember apart from the Covid appropriate behaviour, the vaccine is the only answer to shield the people from the virus. For starters it would not be a bad idea for the political leaders of the day to emerge as the role model in volunteering to receive the vaccination shots. Let the political leaders of the day lead from the front in receiving the vaccine shots and this can go a long way in encouraging the people to step forward and receive the vaccination jabs.
Infection rate has certainly come down appreciably in the last couple of days but this should not mean that the people can afford to let their guards down. It is no wonder why it is being strongly advocated that even after receiving the vaccine jabs, maintaining Covid appropriate behaviour such as wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene particularly to wash one’s hand with soap and water thoroughly or with an alcohol based hand sanitiser is important. The call to keep on sticking to the Covid appropriate behaviour, even after receiving the vaccine shot, is a sure indication that Medical Science is yet to fully understand how the virus behaves. It is also extremely important for the people to acknowledge that the drop in the rate of infection could just be a temporary phase and a second wave is something that cannot be written off that easily. A look at Maharashtra and some parts of the country which are under the grip of a second wave should more than say that one cannot afford to let one’s guards down. This is where the Government will need to look beyond the publicity drive over the safety of the Covid vaccines and lead from the front. Let the political leaders take the vaccine shots and this will certainly have a cascading effect and the vaccination drive will see a big boost. The cause of death of the young Anganwadi worker should be established and made public as soon as possible, for what is at stake here is the confidence of the people in the measures taken up by the Govt.