MUSU elections

IMPHAL, Feb 4: Monitoring  Committee of Manipur University Students Union (MUSU) Election 2020-21 has cancelled the voting rights of ten students including class representatives of three departments for violating the 14 points Code of Conduct set by the monitoring committee.
The committee further informed that on the day of election (February 6), entry to the university will be strictly prohibited for students without the ID card of MU and individuals without any prior permission from the MU authority.
In connection with the election, activities like pick up and drop off of students by any candidate or worker, proxy voting, use of fake IDs for voting and possession of more than one ID card will not be entertained and the voting rights will be cancelled for those found indulging in such activities and the respective ID cards will be seized, said the statement.
The committee appealed to all not to post anything on social media or any platform which will harm the sentiments of a candidate and not to spread any election propaganda.
Further the monitoring committee sought cooperation from MU authority and the students for a free and fair election.