Walking through the final lap of my life

Dr Ranbir Laishram

When you see me walking  quietly,
Avoiding a hive of activity,
Sometimes sitting alone,
I know how you feel for me
Often you pity on me -
An old man with poor insight and strength.

But don't show your sympathy on me,
For I am still young at my heart and mind.
The cup of my life is full  to the brim,
With experience both ups and downs.
I’m now listening to my inner spirit,
Who speaks volumes of the realities of life.
And I am at peace with my inner self,
Talking to each other.

When in solitude,
My life comes flashing before my eyes.
Some moments of grief,
Some moments worth watching,
Both I have learnt to rejoice now,
For it has become just a story now.
I know my muscles are stiff,
And bones aching.
I struggle to climb stairs.
But don't lend me your helping  hand,
For I  can still help myself.

Although my hair is less and grey,
My skin wrinkled, cheeks hollow,
Deep in the core of my heart ,
I am the same person I was back then,
A little forgetful, a little laziness,
A little obsession,
But deep inside me,
I have a feeling of pride,
Of the wisdom gathered
along the path of life.

I feel I am lucky.
I can still breath my life.
I can still remember my younger days,
And do my daily activities of life.
I can still take care of myself,
Not dependent on others for my survival.
And I don't expect anything from anybody.
This is the beauty of my life at this stage -
The last lap of my journey.
I regret not my mistakes,

The lost opportunities and life's sufferings,
For I can't undo my regrets,
And I have lived my life fully,
Also enjoyed the journey like
any other human being.