Save Myanmar, save humanity

Themneivah Sitlhou
How does a democratic country differ from that of military and dictatorship ? Before answering that let's briefly discuss the importance of human rights. Human rights are natural rights which cannot be restrained by human laws. It includes Right to life, liberty and property. These are the requirements of a person to fully grow into a social being. Individuals are the fundamental contributors of the Nation. Only when their rights are protected they will be able to contribute the best of himself to the country. In olden times fulfilling the country's law by any means was the end of a country. With time, people became the centrality of a Nation. Laws and public administrators now become the means to protect an individual’s interest from injustice. Towards such and end, international organizations such as UN was established. It succeeded in preventing another disastrous war to break out. Since then the world has been facing a new beginning where a democratic country promises its citizen freedom, protection and justice. Despite this, there are some countries which lag behind others and still stay under the supervision of a military or a dictator. The world has done whatever it can to free them and Myanmar is one such.
Myanmar is once again in the news following the military coup after biting the taste of democracy. The last Parliament election was conducted in November 2020 which ended up with the victory of National League for Democracy led by Aung Suu Kyi. She is a Nobel Peace prize winner. She is famous for the long struggle for democracy and human rights in Myanmar. On the other we have the largest Opposition party, Union Solidarity and Development Party led by General Min Aung Glazing. They claimed that the election result was a fraud. Their act of dissolving the election is unconstitutional where the security council is not consulted and President is detained. Drunk with the prospect of power, General Min Aung Glazing do all means to retain power and expand his term.
There are protest going on in Myanmar and the military is doing anything to suppress them. The matter worsens since neither of the party are ready to give up. People protest fearlessly by putting their life on line and there are military who fight the public brutally. Total number of deaths from the public has surpassed fifty. Not to forget, there are also many more unidentified killings. There are numerous people injured everyday during the protest. They are not fighting for money and power. They are fighting for their human rights and liberty. For them it is the return of the nightmares they faced before independence.  Just how much they lost to gain independent from foreign rule just to get another dictator in future ?! Alas ! They got the same dictator from their own people. Our prayers are with them. Myanmar is restless. Their desperate souls are crying our for help ! Lives are sacrificed and people are tortured mercilessly. Yet this is only the beginning. Sooner or latter it is obvious that their media would be suppressed which will cut off their tongue. How can we  enjoy our freedom when our neighbors are fighting for their rights. How can we rest in peace when our neighbors are dying and do not even get  a proper funeral. Let's hear out their voice and let us not lose anymore of their souls.
This is not just a matter for Myanmar but the concerns of all over the world. Human rights should be respected and minority rights should not be harmed. We are born with our natural rights and none can snatch it away. Let us lend them our ears and hear their voice. Let us give them our heart and fight together with them. Be it a matter of life and governance there is always a presence of evil and good.
(To be contd)