Save Myanmar, save humanity

Themneivah Sitlhou
Contd from previous issue
The world is not free from evil as there is always a person who runs after glory. However we shouldn't be disheartened. When we join our hands together, the good of the people will always win ultimately. We should not pray for the eradication of evils rather than we should always outnumber them and teach them a lesson that they cannot barter away humanity for power.
India is a neighbouring country of Myanmar. We support democracy in Myanmar but also believe in non- interference. India had a friendly relationship with Myanmar be it under military or democracy. India should not provoke its relationship while supporting the rights of the people. Dated back to history, India always welcome refugees from neighbouring country and extended its help. Rohingya refugees from Myanmar is such an example. Even this time There are refugees from Myanmar who are taking shelter in Mizoram. Despite our good intentions, this is going to hamper our foreign policy with Myanmar. India should take a wise action against these refugees keeping in mind the agreement it signed in UDHR 1948 and Article 21 of Indian Constitution where it promises The Right to Life.
There was a time when India formed a Non- Align Movement with like minded countries where they distanced themselves from the two super power blocks. NAM differs from neutrality (a state of non- involvement). It does not involve the policy of no action when it is wrong.  It involves independent and full action based on self-judgment and National interest. India does not take part in the Cold war between the two power blocs but it did everything to bring peace in the world. India should learn a lesson from this and should do the same which it had done to Myanmar as well.