Disturbing reports of deaths All about human lives

This is disturbing. It is about human lives. In the past few days, people of Manipur have been waking up to news about deaths or rather ‘murders’ with no answers in sight so far. At least five cases of unnatural deaths in different parts of the State in the last few days and it was with a feeling of helplessness and sadness that The Sangai Express has been reporting these deaths, but the reports had to be carried, after all that is what the profession demands. One such case is the death of a young girl, a bride to be, whose lifeless body was recovered after she was reportedly called out by the boy on March 15 at Terakhongshangbi in Bishnupur district. Top this off with the death of the boy whose lifeless body was found just two days later near a drain at Torbung Sabal Mamang Leikai in Bishnupur district. Whatever one reads into the death of the young girl and the death of the boy two days later, the fact is two lives have been snuffed out and the disturbing question is whether the two deaths are inter-related or not. Deeply disturbing it is and there can be no two ways about it. The other case did not occupy prime space in the daily newspapers published from Imphal but it was nonetheless extremely disturbing to carry the report that an inmate inside a designated camp was found stabbed to death. One suspect has reportedly been picked up, according to the police, but it is extremely disturbing to note that such a murder could happen inside such a designated camp. And everyone knows what is a designated camp. Yet another equally disturbing report is the death of a child who was found dead at the confluence of Loklao river and Khuga river after he went missing on March 15. What has made this deeply disturbing is the report that the young boy was allegedly taken away by an unidentified man while he was playing with his friends. The question is whether the police have been able to make any headway to the angle that the young boy was taken away by an unidentified man. Or is it a case of the boy having drowned ? Either way this is deeply disturbing for one here is talking about the death of a young child.
All unnatural deaths, whether by accident or plain murder. On the same day that the death of the young bride to be made it to the news, another equally, if not more chilling report was the death of a young MBBS student inside his hostel room at RIMS. Foul play, this is the allegation that has been raised by the family members of the young MBBS student and the Justice for Sanaton Athokpam. At the moment no one seems to know how the young student passed away, but allegations have been raised that the hands of the young student were found tied at the time of his death. If this is the case, then it should be more than indicative that there is something much more than meets the eye. This is what is expected of the police to try and get to the bottom and spell out the exact reason how the young student was found hung to death inside his hostel room. It is along this line that the Justice for Sanaton Athokpam has raised the demand that the service of the CBI be roped in to unearth the truth. The truth, this is what everyone wants. Here is the case of a young, promising and bright student who was found dead under mysterious circumstances and it is only right that the Government be expected to get to the bottom of the case and spell out the circumstances to the public. It is to the credit of the Justice for Sanaton that so far they have been raising their voice democratically and not taken up any drastic course of action and this is something which should be appreciated and reciprocated accordingly.