We are all Human !

Dr Ranbir Laishram
However great
He is in life,
Be he a king,
A man in power,
Every human is mortal.
He lives only once
The flame of spirit,
Burning inside
Flickers eventually
And comes to a halt.

Every man has three characters.
One he exhibits,
One he has,
And one he thinks he has.
Character is what one is in the dark,
One when he is alone.
It is the home of all virtues,
Power and prosperity.

Human of 'Kali yuga'
Masked man in public,
A different story behind the wall.
But the truth is -
No matter how hard he tries,
He can  never escape from
What he really is inside.

In this journey of life,
To satisfy his self esteem,
His needs and desires,
He gets lost amid all the worldly chaos.
When the time comes to leave
Only then he realises,
Nothing can be taken along,
Empty handed he comes,
Empty handed he goes.

Conflict and strife are inevitable,
Accepting we are all only human,
Coming out of the bubble,
Illusion of immortality and superpower
Will make this beautiful world
A better place to live.