Women empowerment : Catalyst for Nation’s growth

Prabhat Kishore
Contd from prev issue
In the social sector, 50% reservation in Panchayat & local body elections, 50% reservation in teachers’ recruitment and 35% reservation in government jobs to women in Bihar has led to the political and social revolution in the State. Presently, most of the states in India have provided reservations to women in Panchayati Raj Institutions to consciously empower them as decision makers at grass root level. These initiatives have acted as a catalyst for social change.
Governments have also launched several schemes for women emancipation and to make them self-reliant.”Vocal for local” campaign will be possible only when women will heartily participate. Similarly, women have to provide systematic skill training, opportunity and support for Atmanirbhar Bharat. The day to day happening of heinous crimes like gang rape, sexual abuse, acid attacks and domestic violence are stigma on our society.  Despite strenuous efforts, such inhuman incidents are occurring frequently; and there is a need of stringent punishment to culprits through fast courts.  No doubt, the women, as a mother, sister, and wife have sacrificed a lot for our success. But unfortunately, there are some women who are engaged in suppression and discrimination of their female members.
Women's day is a very apt day to think, analyse and act globally on all those issues, which are responsible for transforming women into a capable human capital  through political, social, administrative and economic empowerment.
(The author is a technocrat & academician)