World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development Solution to the surging congestion in Imphal : Societal Engineering Approach

N Shyamsundar Singh FIE
Contd from previous issue
Societal Engineering Approach
Societal Engineering is a concept which tries to encapsulate purpose and potential of engineering for development of the society and the nation. The aim of Societal Engineering is to cater to the daily requirement of life with powerful, quantitative and creative problem solving skills of engineers with a view to creating a social consciousness for improving the quality of life and a better society.
Now, therefore, further analysis of the man-made hindrance by using Societal Engineering approach will definitely show that the root cause of the problem is the centralization of many a number of activities at a common place. Each of the activities needs its own space and flexibility to adapt to different situations. However, the available facilities do not provide for it. Therefore, the only possible way with which the crisis is surmountable, is the substantial expansion of the capital town which is otherwise very small and congested.
Master Plan
The expansion shall be followed by a detailed survey and demarcation. This activity will enable the planners and the designers to draw a physical map of the Imphal City where a Smart City is proposed to be planned and developed. Without knowing the exact area of the proposed site and also seeing the true pictures of already available components, it may not be possible to prepare a Master Plan of the city. Moreover, without a Master plan which essentially shows Market Area, Institutional Area, Residential Area, Recreation Parks, Hospital Complex, Banks and other public & private official complex etc. development of a Smart City may not be meaningful and perfect.
1. Capital town is too small to accommodate all activities.
2. Development programmes in the pipeline suggest expansion upto the foothills.
3. Vertical Expansion is not encouraged by Geo-technical studies.
4. A Master Plan that can guide the development of the Smart City is a must.
5. The Master Plan shall be prepared on an approved  physical map of the site.
6. Well planned market complex may be developed at Lamlong, Lamphel, Tera, Kwakeithel, Singjamei and Kongba etc. through retrofitting.
7. Imphal Ring Road (IRR)  alignment may be incorporated in the Master Plan.
8. Implications-financial, political and administrative, may be taken into consideration while finalizing the Master Plan.
In addition, valuable services of experienced Architects, Engineers of different disciplines, Academicians and other knowledgeable persons are also required at important relevance.

The writer is Former Chairman, JERC for Manipur & Mizoram