The starryNight took me in his embrace
Claiming companion on my first sight
My eyes blessed with the power of light
Burned to brighten a part of that night.
Those who created me, surrounded
Morphing me, helping my passion burn
I burn and burn, proud of my potential
Dreaming of reaching that perfect point
Perfection if not, a place of recognition

   They were fuelling me, building me
   Sparks in their eyes, seeing possibilities in me
    But it didn’t take long for the sparks to die
   Doubting my abilities, the fire in me
   I wanted to grow, to burn, to prove
   To show all the colours hidden in me.
   So, I burned and burned with all my might
   Exhausting the power, the fire in me
   But again, it was just too much for them
   A blessed balance was what they need.

Taming me, draining me, belittling me.
Went on, ignoring like nothing happened
Leaving me doubting, what went wrong?
Giving my all, was it not enough at all?
Left alone, the darkness enveloped
Holding on to a tiny thin twig, waiting
A small shooting flame, trying not to burn out
Surviving without purpose, burning weak
As the icy rare November shower comes
Reaching out caressing, enfolding me
My eyes closing, the power extinguished
Vanishing, disappearing, turning to dust
In the bosom of that chilly November night
In his still and starry embrace of darkness.