How One will be Remembered !

Dr Ranbir Laishram
From nothingness to existence,
One travels the journey of life,
Through this illusion càlled "Time".
Everyday millions of souls
Dawns on this planet with a cry,
And leave in silence,
With a baggage full of experience and wisdom.

The immortal soul travels
In this Humanly body,
Showered with abilities and talents,
Our responsibility is to live by that trust;
Managing these resources well,
Living a moral and virtuous life.
Sin vices, Sin Hatred.

We are all expected to live,
Without any expectation,
To share our love, help each other,
To give with all our heart,
Perform our duties, the right way
With conscience; have some humility
and fun too,the elixir of life,
And return to Nature.
For, ultimately how one will be remembered,
It is not the job, nor the wealth and fame,
But the way one treats his fellow human  being,
How humane is it ?