Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Ranjan K Baruah
We have published many articles related to management and sales and marketing. One of the areas of sales and marketing where many young people get engaged after their graduation or post-graduation is in the field of medical sales which is commonly or popularly known as ‘MR’ or Medical representatives. Though we use the term MR as our easy understanding, it may be called as different names in different countries but the task is more or less the same in all the countries. There might be some specific differences but in simple terms, we may call it sales related to medicine or other health equipment.
Pharmaceutical sales representatives or Medical Representatives (MR) are salespeople employed by pharmaceutical companies to persuade doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients. Drug companies everywhere spend billions annually sending representatives to doctors to provide product information, answer questions on product use, and deliver product samples. Companies maintain this provides an educational service by keeping doctors updated on the latest changes in medical science.
A medical representative's job is to promote and sell their company's products, whether that's pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment. Customers can include doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The medical representative will increase product awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new products. Key responsibilities of any MR includes organising appointments and meetings with the community- and hospital-based healthcare staff, identifying and establishing new business negotiating contracts, demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals, maintaining detailed records, attending and organising trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings, etc.
Graduates from any stream may become medical sales representatives but students from science backgrounds get more advantage as they understand many scientific terms easily. One of the important skills is effective communication and the person must be willing to travel to different parts. If someone is working with any company in the North East then s/he must travel to different parts of the region. Travelling is an important part for the people who want to join this field. As there are many medicine companies, there are more possibilities in this field for individuals who are good in sales and marketing. There are some short term training programmes but individuals who are confident and who can travel and meet doctors and other health professionals and make good presentations about products can excel in this field. Initially, individuals start as sales representatives but with their experiences and knowledge later they can become managers and other professionals which are having more salaries than sales representatives. Initially, there are challenges and pressure in this field but for committed people, things become easy for them as they can manage and do well through sales and marketing.
I have seen many individuals from the North-Eastern region who have done well in this field and there are more possibilities and the health profession is booming up. There are more doctors and varieties of drugs which mean there is demand for sales representatives who can get engaged in this field. Aspirants may undergo various training before joining in this field. Initially, this field is challenging but it’s rewarding too.
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