Think it differently

Themneivah Sitlhou
"If you look the right way you can  see  the  whole world is a  garden", Frances Hodgson Burnett. A human perspective is a view or outlook of how things are. It is how we react to everything happening in life. In psychological terms, it is an approach that involves assumption on human behaviour and its function. The approach itself is optimistic and focuses on our capacity to overcome hardships. Life is all about choice which we act according to our conscience. It is our conscience which lets us perceive things differently. This is when it comes to pessimists and optimists. An optimistic person looks at things with good signs while a pessimist looks at everything as a bad omen. A positive person remains calm and positive even in times of storms. Being positive itself is the fundamental step of solving problems. There are things that are worth fighting while there are also things that do not. Life itself is enough of suffering so we should be selective in dealing with life and we  should not put ourselves into more  puzzles. For  that, we should have a good sense of perceiving things in our life.
We are social animals that cannot stay isolated. We need a stable relationship with people around us to have a normal life. Some come and some go so a failure in one relationship does not necessarily mean your life is a mess. There are people whom we cried with, share our burden, laugh with and trust with our life. This doesn't exactly point to a single person. They have their own role to play in a relationship. So you shouldn't discriminate against anyone just because they don't meet our expectation but you should be the one selective in choosing the role carefully and go on with the flow. Do not be only one sighted person.
What can be the greatest grief a person can bear in life?! I could think of the loss of life which every family faces. It took us so much time to overcome the trauma. We felt hopeless and sometimes we do not have the will to live. There is another side of the truth to uncover. Actually, there is a way. Feelings and emotions cannot be forced. You probably tried so hard to forget every memory. Don't hit yourself so hard. Don't act normal when you are not. It's totally okay to have a break. Instead of trying to get rid of every trace why don't you try cherishing them! When you learn to do it you will feel at ease when you think of it rather than sober. If you think that they are the ones whom you can only rely on, why don't you learn from their hard work and learn to live on your own? Only then, they can rest in peace. If you feel grief for repentance and think that you don't do enough for them, why don't you live their dream and fulfil them!?.  Our dear departure taught us that none will stay with us all the time so we should learn to adjust in every situation. When we learn to see things differently our life would become more purposeful and cherish every moment we have while value the past and hope the best for the future.
Bad happenings will not become the sole reason to break us down as long as we don't quit. Sometimes we missed an opportunity in life which might be our greatest mistake in life. We felt anxious and hopeless. We felt like it was the end. Remember there is always a new day after a gloomy night. Start over and over again. A winner makes no excuse. Maybe it happens for a good reason for you to fully prepare for the next opportunity better than before.
We are never enough in human life. There are things to blame on the situation while the others are our flaws. There are things that are amendable and which is not. As long as it is changeable we should never give up. Some will mock you for your carelessness, some will mock you for your ego, others will criticize you for your dress code and some will make fun of you for your scores in school. It is our nature to get furious when we are being pointed. We can distinguish clearly who cares for us and who does not care at all at our worst. Haters will talk behind your back of your flaws while there are people who encourage us and teach us. We think that people hate us and we feel secluded by it in schools and the workplace. . Now let us think in a more positive view. If they mock you for being careless, poor, ego, dress code etc. It means they want you to be careful, rich, end your ego, dress better etc. Respectively. There is no room for hatred. They are just some very important people who let you know of your weakness and ask you to transform into a better person. Only good things will start happening in your life when you distance yourself from negativity.
Why do we study and why do our parents let us study? Some of us study or our parents let us study so that we won't become a layman, farmers, etc. But a truly educated student studies so that they can help them in the future. We know how exactly our society functions. Most of our politicians are corrupted which leave a very bad impression of politics to the public. Sometimes politics itself is taboo. For this, many students do not have any interest in becoming public leaders. We may not be interested in politics but politics is interested in us. We can't escape it as long as we are living in society. Therefore we should change our perspective and become a well-educated man so that we change the outlooks of our politics when we become one. A well-educated man is an upright man who has a manner and not only knowledge but values life, truth, society and human rights. We will be blessed to have one as our leader than a loaded politician who enters politics with money power and manpower. Our best hope for our future.
There are very important points a person observes in life. Resentment or hatred do not do you any good. They are torturing you. Remember the winner does not hate or fight. Instead, they show the result. Be humble in every situation be it in gracious time or hard time. Why do I say so? A humble man is the greatest man. Being humble doesn't make you look small. It is a way of defining how great thou are! By being humble you earn respect but by being arrogant you earn fear. Learn to enjoy every small thing in a great way in life. When you have a bad day, start counting your blessings. We often forget but our life itself is worth celebrating every day. "Life is full of beauty. Notice it" says Ashley Smith.