Is the value of sports dwindling in Manipur’s educational space ?

Sanasam Yaiphaba Singh
Contd from previous issue
Their minds are fully concentrated towards the study of lessons mainly for scoring higher marks.
It is seen that at the level of higher classes the engagement of the students in their general education as well as in sports activities simultaneously may not be possible for all the students. However, we should keep in mind that it is important for children to play games for a while in the morning or evening which would produce sweat and refresh them, keep them active and sharp brained. Physically active students can smoothly concentrate in their studies more effectively. The intention of playing of game at this stage is not of the national and international levels with hard training or coaching, but just to give them the knowledge of the step of sports and dance to maintain the physical stamina and learn the habit of obedience, discipline and willpower for strength and achievement.
A student who understands the sports and possesses sports sprit can somehow find spare time for playing in morning or evening, and also during winter and summer vacations. The student will get venue in sports if they like and at the same time if they are not willing to play anymore game still they would understand how to keep physical fitness. For those students who are fully engaged in their study with a strong determination to score very high marks and position in their examination results may not find spare time for sports. Through sports they can not only know the message of love, devotion and dedication but also understand peace, tolerance, fate and friendship. Besides, the drug abuses which are destroying our society can be kept far away because there is no room of drug abuse in sports.
The importance of sports is increasing not only because of becoming professional players but also to play and understand any games so as to enable them to face any social issue or circumstance. For instances,  the  human life expectancy being in danger as eating of less organic foods and  more of junk food, adverse changing scenario of ecology, environment and climate, increase number sick people with the increase of hospitals and health care  facilities, also emergence of new diseases, use of harsh  medicine resulting weak immune system etc. which all call for physical exercise at least for extraction of unwanted sweat from the human body. Here, it is worth to mention that to involve in the game would be able to keep proper physical and mental health with understanding of the spirit of the sports. Children could learn and obey the rules of the games and respect their elders and superiors. They have also to learn to face any eventuality with sense of smile which is always a way of recreation without any mental disturbance. Therefore, the promotion of sports among the students right from the grassroots level for making them physically fit with a good sense of discipline and positive approach would be able to be a responsible citizen to make a good society. It is also essential to keep in mind that only those players who are both physically and mentally matured could have the capacity to compete in the international sport events. A well educated person may easily become mentally matured in the field of sports.
Let’s promote sports and give a hope to student.
The writer is a PhD Scholar, Manipur University
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