Oh! Sycophant Fear

Joykumar Singh
People say, what a dreadful sensation you are.
Why do they so long for to drift away from every fear?
But in truth, a fear may be our friend or a foe
That embraces us in reality or in an illusion
Either to pave ways for trips leading to our goals
Or to raise speed - breakers to put the trips in suspension.
Fear may reach each feeble heart and mind as a foe
To cripple  the mind to render it lose merit
Or may reach every rocky heart and mind as a friend
To psych up the mind to render it boost spirit.
Sensible fear triggers on an alert and guarded progression
In races in life partaken for a golden career.
But, illusive fear cripples a body and its mind
To derail the progression by erecting high raised barriers.
Human! Hence,
Explore all inimical illusive and friendly sensible fear
Flourishing around you as your near and dear.
Cultivate wisdom as well courage enough
To isolate and hunt the illusive fear
Traverse as well beget prudence enough
To realise and consume the sensible fear.
Unfurl a cozy or daring dream and chase it with a cautious dare.
To attain it, drive out the inimical fear
And embrace the friendly fear to befriend it with an utmost care.