AKT appeals

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 1: Organisations of “32 sub-tribes of Kuki, who belong to the Any Kuki Tribes [AKT]” on Saturday appealed the Government to immediately cease all processes to delete the AKT from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list.
During a press meet held at Kuki Inn on March 27, Seikholun Doungel, advisor Doungel Inpi GHQ, said the representatives of the “32 sub tribes of the AKT” strongly condemn the Cabinet decision of October 19, 2018 to delete the communities (AKT) from the ST list.
“The Cabinet decision is erroneous” and a complete lack of just judgement on the part of the State Government. The AKT is a Scheduled Tribe recognised by the Constitution of India under (Section Part C States) Orders, 1951, Part VI-Entry 1. It was delisted by the SCs and STs Order (Amendment Act 63 of 1956), but was relisted/reinstated as a Scheduled Tribe under the SCs and STs Orders (Amendment) Act, 2002 (No 10 of 2003) Part X,” he said.
It is the primary duty of the State Government to ensure effective implementation of the Constitutional safeguards and other measures for the protection, welfare and socioeconomic development of the STs of Manipur. Moreover, no decision should be taken to delete or discard any tribe or tribes from the list of the recognised STs without prior consultation or consensus of the people, who subscribe or belong to the tribe(s) concerned, he said.
He reiterated that the State Government should, therefore reconsider its decision and immediately cease all processes for deletion of the AKT from the ST list.
Seikholun also cautioned that the issue, if not resolved early, may cause stringent agitation.
Some of the organisations include Doungel Inpi; Touthang Phunpi Organisation; Khongsai Inpi, Haokip People’s Council, Chonghang Union, Lhungdim Insung Kiloikhom, Hangmi Phungpi Union and Guite Phungpi Organisation.