CNPO informs

The Chandel Naga Peoples Organisation, in a statement issued today, informed the public and various authorities of Manipur that the Nine Naga Tribes of Chandel as a civil society organisation has been in existence as the Chandel Naga Peoples Organisation (CNPO) since its conception in early 1980.
On May 18, 2020, the then incumbent CNPO team held an emergency assembly at Liwa Sarei village and proposed the Khurmi Naga Peoples' Organisation (KNPO). The proposed nomenclature infringed the existing names of other organisations and was not approved by the assembly.
The incumbent executive team of CNPO however renamed CNPO to KNPO without further debate and it continued without calling a single assembly for endorsement thereafter.
The Nine Naga Tribes of Chandel during a presidential council meeting on February 16, 2021, at Hnahringkhu Community hall, dissolved the KNPO and decided to convene an emergency presidential council assembly of all the tribe presidents on March 5, 2021, it added.
The emergency assembly resolved to reinstate CNPO and terminate the incumbent executive team; to hold presidential council assembly on March 12 for the election of new CNPO executives; appointed election commission to conduct the election; each of the Nine Naga Tribe leaders identify their candidates and file nomination by March 9; serve notice to the terminated executives of KNPO to hand over the organisational assets.
The presidential council assembly of March 12 also resolved to conduct another election for the vacant executive positions; that the newly elected executive team organise its first assembly by April 2021; and that the nine tribe presidential council serve another reminder letter to the previous executives to surrender all assets of CNPO by end of March 2021.
The CNPO further informed all the concerned that any misrepresentations, impersonations and false circulation of information by any other person and organisation representing the Nine Chandel Naga Tribes would be liable for prosecution under the Nine Tribes Customary laws.