Zeliangrong Baudi condemns Lamhai Namdi killings

IMPHAL , Apr 2
In connection with the killing of three innocent persons at Zeliangrong Lamhai Namdi village on March 22, 2021 by well trained gunmen who were armed with automatic sophisticated weapons, an emergency meeting of Zeliangrong leaders representing various Zeliangrong CSOs hailing from Zeliangrong territories of the three States was convened by Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) on March 30 at Peren district, Nagaland.
The meeting strongly condemned the killing of three innocent Zeliangrongs in their own village in the most barbaric manner by the armed gunmen, said a statement of Zeliangrong Civil Organisations (ZCOs).
The meeting took serious note of the lack of will on the part of the Government of India and Nagaland government in arresting the criminals even after the lapse of more than ten days of the ugly incident, it added.
ZCOs alleged that leaving the killers to roam freely even after so many days is a glaring sign of inability of the government of India and Nagaland government in arresting the perpetrators which is evident of insensitivity, insincerity and lack of commitment into the matter.
The Zeliangrong people who are living in the three States are strictly observing the way and manner of dealing of the Government regarding the incident, it added.
ZCOs continued that it is the topmost priority, duty and responsibility of the government to ensure the safety and security of its citizens but killing of three innocent Zeliangrongs at their own village and by the well trained gunmen cannot be ruled out as pre-planned and orchestrated.
ZCOs further stated that after serious deliberation, the meeting adopted various resolutions- to demand the Government of India to immediately intervene into the matter by directing the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe into the ugly incident for impartial, speedy and effective investigation.