Bangabandhu 9th Bangladesh Games : M Bankim invited to officiate Karate event


Shihan Mutum Bankim Singh
Shihan Mutum Bankim Singh from Manipur was among the two Indians invited by the Bangladesh Karate Federation to officiate in the Karate event at the prestigious "Bangabandhu 9th Bangladesh Games".
The event will be held at Bandarban Hill District Council Auditorium from April 6 to 9, said Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association in a statement.
Shihan Mutum Bankim is the chairman of the Referee Commission of Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association and first international judge from North East India.
Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association not only congratulated Bankim Singh on getting the invitation but also extended best wishes to him.
The other referee who received an invitation to officiate at the Karate event is Premjit Sen from West Bengal. He is the Chairman of the Referee Committee, Karate India Organisation.