Refusal to return with test results Sure formula to spread the virus

Some folks just refuse to listen. And it is such attitude which will ensure that the Covid cases in Manipur increase on a much larger scale and in the process put the health and all other facilities under severe strain. On April 15 the State Government issued a notification that all those returning to Manipur or entering Manipur should bring with them a COVID-19 negative result obtained via RT-PCR, TrueNat or CB-NAAT. Not willing to take chances, the Government set up screening facilities at the three entry points-BT Airport, Mao Gate and Jiribam and it is here that the ugly picture of many returning or entering Manipur without the mandatory negative results has emerged. Not surprising then that of the 146 air passengers tested on April 20, 11 of them were found positive. Grim it is that despite the notification from the Government, 146 air passengers coming from different parts of the country did not deem it necessary to undertake the tests before embarking on the flight to Imphal. More such positive cases will come from amongst those who are returning or have returned by road via Mao Gate and Jiribam. It is this lackadaisical approach to the issue at hand that is deeply disturbing. The very fact that after the April 15 notification of making mandatory a Covid negative report to return or enter the State, the Directorate of Health Service, deemed it necessary to issue a reminder to all that a test report result is necessary to come to Manipur should say something profoundly disturbing. What the Health Directorate further spelt out is again equally disturbing. On April 18, out of the total 1102 air passengers who arrived from different cities of the country, 269 passengers came without the mandatory test results and this should say a lot about the mentality of certain set of people. In such a situation, expecting these set of people to adhere to the SOPs laid down by the Government would be stretching things too far and this is where the vulnerability of the place and her people emerges.
People should take note of the gravity of the situation. It is not for nothing why the Government has postponed the coming Class X and Class XII examinations. Why schools and hostels have been asked to shut. Why curfew has been imposed everyday from 7 pm to 5 am. Why are all these restrictions put in place ? People need to understand and they should question themselves why these restrictions have been thought necessary. However looking at the manner in which people have ignored the earlier notification of the Government to come with a Covid negative report, that too after specifying three tests that would be acceptable, it would not be wrong to conclude that it is the attitude of the people which will only help the virus to spread at a faster pace. People also need to sincerely ask themselves why some cities have gone in for lockdowns, such as Delhi and other cities in the country. A tragedy it is that apart from the virus, the people here need to be very, very careful of the irresponsible behaviour of quite a large number of senseless folks. The fact is, the virus has now started spreading amongst the younger lots and it is for this very reason why the Government has given the go ahead signal for all those above 18 to be eligible to get the anti-Covid shot from May 1. The efforts being taken up across the country should not be belittled. Situation also suggests that Manipur may soon return to the earlier days when it witnessed the number of infection in triple figures and as on April 20, Manipur saw a total of 94 new cases including 11 from those who flew in to the State.