On loss of RSS Pracharak Gourishankar Chakraborty

Salam Rupachandra Singh
Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS in short was founded by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and the lineage was immediately maintained by Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalker. They are known as Doctorji and Guruji in short. The aim of this Organisation set up as far back in the year 1925 focuses on how to make one Bharat wherein good disciplined, dedicated and sacrificial spirited Nationalists dwell.
The founders were not only well qualified and educated but also with full of sacrificing spirit for the motherland. Needless to mention that books  of volumes have been published on their life and works.
When situation of bondage, social evils and turmoils sprang up in this country, big figures were born and came out to work for her. Everyone may work for betterment of the society but the works by done persons with sense of sacrifice in their whole life count more. The Organisation practices to make citizens self disciplined, trained in many fields for health and education, punctuality and devoted to Nationalism.
A person with Khaki shorts, white shirt, cap on head, stick in hand is known as RSS. Sangh practices daily Shakha in every nook and corner of the places where its branches spread out and Swayamsevaks are available.
Different types of training are undertaken in varied tenures so that the persons who have been trained get deep insight of  the Organisation.
Sangh performs certain ceremonies in a year of which one Guru Dakshina Karyakram, in it Swayamsevaks donate their capable money at the foot of Bhaghavadhwaja, a symbol for Guru.
In the olden times and now as well, the donated amount becomes the annual budget of the Organisation as well as the Pracharaks who sacrifice their life for the cause of the Organisation in particular and the society at large.
These days monies are also seemed to be donated by others in large scale seeing the benevolent activities of the Organisation. Every Swayamsevak tries to lead a simple life, to be disciplined, punctual and dedicated for the society and the country. These are well taught in training courses/ shibirs and always be with Daal, Bhaat, Sabji in such camps. New persons attend such training course/shibirs to be part of RSS.
Whenever a Karyakram is to be solemnized or performed the photo of Bharat mata and that of Doctorji and Guruji are placed as a symbol of worshipping mother Indira and her worthy sons by the Swayamsevaks. A Pracharak of RSS is one who sacrifices whole life for the cause of the Organisation and he severs all ties of Family world by residing in the offices of the Organisation. What will remain more than this great sacrifice in life. They are missionaries for the Organisation. Swayamsevaks are being guided and pulled up to their own duties and works by the patriotic song beginning with the lines-Namaste.,Sada Vatsale Matribhume, Twya Hindu bhume Sukham Woradhito, Maha mangale Punyabhume Todarthe, Patatwe Shakayo Namaste Namaste-bowing down and saluting to the unfurled Bhaghavadhwaja.
A Karyakram of RSS is to start on time and no one generally leaves before completion of it, no one entertains or receives  phone calls and no clapping is done when a lecture is over  with the sense that Sangh is a parivar (family) and practice of clapping is avoided.
(To be contd)