The Crisis revisited - Who is to blame ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram
The world in Mayhem again,
The  crisis has revisited,
After an apparent sigh of relief and Hope,
The '"contagion" bounces back with a vengeance,
Prepared with new weaponry,
Triple mutant.
A real testing time for the custodian,

Short lived is the complacent smile,
Denial, blame game, and  scapegoating,
Never before a chaos  of such a magnitude endured by human.
Is it a behavioral lapse or the fury of Covid-19 ?
Only the sensible mind knows where we stand in this adversity.

History repeats itself - from "Black Death" to Covid - 19
The humans forget to get primed,
Only when one sees the corpse,
And when one dwells in ICU,
The value of life and ferocity of the virus become apparent.
Is it ignorance, negligence or hunger
that  has made humans arrogant and blind ?
Resistant to warning...
The real answer -
Lies in the mind of soul inside the ICU.
Ultimately, apart from the lost of life that matters,
It is our mindset that has lost its prudence and direction.