True story of a “Magical Locket”

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
You are the finest creation of God. The supreme power who created you, supposedly could not go wrong. Since you were required on this planet, you have been designed and crafted the way you are. So, when you place even an ounce of doubt in yourself, then you doubt the supreme intelligence above all. And, let me make it clear, this intelligence is not above you, it is in you. Rather, it is you. Connect with it often to find answers to all your problems.
People who are directed outwardly, try to find answers from people who know nothing about them or apparently god. With all seriousness, any part of the country I have visited, advices like these are common- wear this stone in the little finger of your left hand and you will become successful or feed the cows jaggery on a Monday morning sharp at 8.00AM - you will find a suitable girl or get out of your house taking the right step first on Thursday and you will get a job or Oh! You are unlucky, we need to get some Pooja done for you and the easiest- take blessings from a super humanly, most divine, godlike person and all your problems will be solved.
With all humbleness I ask you, who has given anyone the right to decide who is lucky and who is not? Why are you making this decision that Monday is superior than Thursday? Why are you giving extra financial strain to a person by asking him to wear expensive stones when he is already in debt? And please, which cow likes to have 1 kg jaggery for breakfast?
People have adopted this behavior because other people want to earn money and become powerful by infusing in them “fear”! When I analyze the business model of these superhumanly saints- their customer segment is the people who are either illiterate or fearful, their value proposition is to allay fear by instilling superstitious behavior, their unique selling property is - buy their merchandise and become stronger and luckier and lastly, there some challenges too- people like me and many others, who believe in their own selves and encourage and empower others to do the same. Instilling fear plays a crucial role in such behavior change tactics.
Sharing my personal experience with you, my mother once gave me a religious locket to wear which was suggested by someone saying I will start doing well in studies. I will be honest with you, I started doing really well in studies. Suddenly, my grades improved, magically I became sincerer and more hard working than ever. But while studying, I would fiddle with that locket and that made it weak. Just before my 1styear BDS Anatomy final viva exam- the locket broke. I was all red and blue. Fear surrounded me, that now what would happen? It was my lucky charm- will I fail? Predictably, the viva went really bad. It was the last exam- I came back to the hostel and cried a lot. Later that night I didn’t have dinner and kept thinking what had happened?  
This is when I realized that “The locket” didn’t study harder, I did. The locket didn’t give other exams, I did. The locket didn’t make me luckier, it just gave me a sense of assurance, that keep working hard- I am there with you. It was like a constant companion, whenever I would fear or worry I would clutch on to it tightly and then soon that fear converted into hope. I was only 18 years at that time, but I understood a lesson of my life. That day, I decided, I am not going to wear or believe in anything superstitious because it breeds more fear. I told myself that it is okay if I fail without a locket rather depend my entire life on a piece of rock and some grams of gold.
The person who is reading this- you are as pure as gold. I have seen so many educated people believe in all this, they not only spoil their own lives and also of others around them. Please don’t be angry with me. With all sincerity, I understand that faith is a personal subject. But, my point is that believing in yourself during tough times is very difficult, taking a strong decision in life might prove fatal, being yourself when the world tells you that you are sure to fail is heart wrenching.  But it is this point that either makes you or breaks you.
God dwells in us mortal human beings. We have been given virtues of honesty, sincerity, hard work, courage, positive thinking- depend on it more and see for yourself that this path is surely difficult- believing in your own self is the hardest thing to do during hard times. But, for once just feel the pleasure of depending on yourself and conquering some problems being aligned with the god force within. The world is a beautiful place and our time here is limited. We can either spend it in fear or we can be ourselves, understand our purpose in life and achieve greatness with experiences we get on this journey.

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