What an idea KitKatji

Free Thinker
Kit Kat -We are launching two new packs as soon as possible to bring to light the best of these destinations. These packs celebrate Keibul  Lamjao National Park, Manipur and Balpakram National Park, Meghalaya. We thank you for your understanding and support. Then in its wrapper of a new brand, Kit Kat printed incorrectly that Keibul Lamjao National Park is located in Meghalaya. When objected and pointed out, they issued an apology – We got it wrong with the location of one of the packs celebrating wildlife and we sincerely apologize for this unintentional error.  
We really don’t know whether it was inadvertent or otherwise. By creating a simple mistake and by making it a news – they might be thinking of something. Making bona fide mistakes may be pardonable – but they may gain as it popularized the product.  It is a kind of free advertisement. Popularizing the product without spending on advertisement is an intelligent job. And we all are busy in the exercise of correcting the mistake or error.  Once you put it in the media - it spreads like wildfire. By now even the Sangais in Keibul Lamjao must be talking among themselves about their wrong address written on Kit Kat chocolate wrapper.
Some marketing wizards have adopted many forms of marketing strategies for their products. We, common people simply believe what they say or promise, and what they do. One advertisement says , this is the second best car.  Who on earth can question the claim. All the cars on earth may be put in the first category (best cars) and the one which is advertised may be put in the second category – then where is the controversy. Again, this is the best drink in this region, no fool shall compare the available drinks - tea, milk, squash,  wine, brew or any – advertisement becomes an amazing art once it achieves its target and also puts it where libel is untenable.
Again, “the best shampoo” for whom; is it for boys or girls or male or female or dogs or cats;  for  which hair - no specification; people keep buying and using. The main reason for big sales of the same shampoo is that the product is advertised by a famous actor. The price is pretty high for the bottled shampoo. For the commoners they do other trick- sachets- for Rs 1 or 2.
Giving the benefit of doubt, let us believe that it was a bona fide mistake on the part of the Kit Kat producer. This time let us excuse them but next time if they commit such a blunder all their products may be purchased without making any payment.
It reminds me of an incident which I read somewhere that took place years ago in Parliament. A famous orator, shrewd politician, called the Prime Minister “Chor” in a debate  relating  to a defense  purchase. The Ruling Members made a hue and cry about it inside the ‘House’. There was complete pandemonium in the ‘House’;  a virtual  ruckus took place between the opposition Members and Members of the Treasury benches. The Chair tried to appease the Members of both the sides . Finally he asked the speaking Member ( orator) to withdraw his statement  as it was unparliamentary  and also to apologize. The clever leader agreed and uttered, “I withdraw my statement that ‘Prime Minister Chor hai’ as it is unparliamentary. And at the same time I also apologize for using such an objection expression,  ‘Prime Minister Chor hai’. Sir , in future I will never use the expression ‘Prime Minister chor hai’”.  The shrewd politician did what he wanted to do. The intelligent readers would understand the underlying manoeuvre.
The Company Agent /Dealer in Manipur may kindly address to those who are unhappy or hurt by such errors.  Please listen to them and say sorry . The polite and proper response from the head office or headquarter may come later. The local sentiments should be taken care of instantly. People here are very sentimental and emotional. So, this is the onus of the local representatives to handle and appease the bruised sentiments.
For the faux pas, the Company may be asked to procure the Russian Covid vaccines for the people (upto 18 years of age) of  Keibul Lamjao  who are really protecting and looking after the Sangais . And at the same time the chocolates with wrongly printed wrappers may be distributed to the children of Keibul Lamjao.  Next time we are not going to accept any excuses for such silly mistakes or blunders. We are not going into the details whether it was deliberate or inadvertent. We want to conclude that it was a typo committed in good faith.
Do something for ‘Sangai’, our rare brow antler deer and its natural habitat ‘Keibul Lamjao’. It must be a matter of courtesy not compulsion.  Best wishes to Kit Kat and Company. OR will understand.