M Minakshi Devi
At dawn amid the dreaded pandemic, I woke up apace,
Thrilled to listen the melodious tune a cuckoo sing.
Its hymn ejected me out of my Covid-trauma
To rove in sky to seek and greet the bird That promises us a good will on arrival of the Spring.
Jubilant Nature burst out again from its wintery tomb,
Crowned with the glory of Season's Queen Spring.
That emerges gracefully again exploding a floral bomb.
Soothing showers bid to quench thirst of the Mother Earth
Whilst greeny landscapes with blossoming beauty come to birth.
Playing in tune with the warm April wind ,
All around sway the flowering herbs and trees
Whilst reminiscent melodies surnatte the morning breeze.
Fragrance of fleshy roses diffuses in air that flows
Alluring the honey bees buzzing around the floral trees that grow.
Featherd creatures chirp in gay and build nests with care.
On  bushy branches so green and fair.
Nature does paint her favourite parts in green
Glorious the spring is,so calm and serene.
Let's hope,this Spring has aroused with altruism  amid the calamity after passing of winter
I feel its essence in my soul and drink its dulcet nectar.