On loss of RSS Pracharak Gourishankar Chakraborty

Salam Rupachandra Singh
Contd from previous issue
In Manipur too, the Sangh activities had stepped in the early seventies (as witnessed by the author) with the efforts of one Shri Bhaskar Kulkarni and thereafter, Shri MM Ashokan etc. Prior to it, others might have been there.
In those old days, the Pracharaks went from house to house and found out suitable youths or boys to join Shakha & Shibirs and as such many of the time joined Sangh. Some left the Organisation and some still continue to have ties with it. During the time of National emergency, many from Manipur were under the vigil of police arrest and some were in the cells too.
As born and bonded with the sense of sacrifice, one such Pracharak namely Gouri Shankar Chakraborty (Gourida-as fondly addressed by Swayamsevaks) passed away on the 24th day of March, 2021. He was 72 when he breathed his last in a hospital at New Delhi leaving behind five brothers, sisters-in-law, grand children and countless Karyakartas of Sangh. In 2013, he was attacked by cancer. After due treatment, his health became better and better. But, in 2018 he felt serious pain in backbone for which he was operated. In 2020, he was infected with COVID-19. When he died, he suffered from TB.
He was born on 30 November, 1950 at Mahabatpur village of Shrihatt district of Bangladesh. Dr Khagendra Chakraborty was his father and Smt. Sushma Chakraborty was his mother. They shifted to Jalalpur village, a tea garden village of Cachhar district of Assam. Gourida studied at Jalalpur. After matriculation he studied at Cotton College of Guwahati, from where he passed out PU Sc and BSc. Then he went to Kurukshtra of Haryana from where he completed MSc. He also completed LLB from Delhi. He became RSS pracharak from Delhi in 1974. He was pracharak for 5 years in Delhi. He came to Assam in 1978 and became Guwahati Mahanagar pracharak in 1978. Then he was given responsibility of Dibrugarh Vibhag pracharak in 1983 and shifted to Dribugarh. In 1991 he became Dakshin Assam Prant Pracharak, consisting of Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Barak valley. From 2003 to 2012 he was Assam Kshetra Sharirik Pramukh. In 2013 he became Assam Kshertra Sah Pracharak. Afterwards, he became a member of All India Karyakarini Mandal till his death.
He passed Parangat in Hindi, Assamiya, Sanskrit. He composed many patriotic songs and translated many books into Assamiya language from English and Hindi. He was responsible for translation and publication of Shri Guruji Samagrah, 12 volume book. Abundant Assamiya books in Assam is Gourida’s contribution. Reading and writing is his inborn quality. He sang songs also. While he was ill, he spent his time in writing books. He came to Manipur and encouraged us to do translation of English and Hindi books into Manipuri. He visited Manipur very often and came into contact with many people of Manipur. He was expert in every subject of Sangh.
When he suffered COVID-19, he thought to educate ordinary people to understand COVID-19. Hence he wrote down a small book, named “COVARESTINE” and made it available to the public. While he was undergoing Chemotherapy, he continued translation work. At the time of his death, he left behind one translation work incomplete.
If one comes in this world, it is obvious for him to go. It is trait of human life to lose but only the loss of mortal remains in his case. The deed and works that one had shown in one’s life with dedication for the cause of mankind, it will remain forever though mortal remains perish. People consists broadly of two kind, one-to get education & earn livelihood and live in the society producing progenies, two to get education and do social work for whole of life without entering into family and marital life.
Who could forget the latter ones, only they will shine bright and brighter as time goes on. We, in white attires, pay our humblest tributes to you Gourida with petals of flowers in hand, let it be accepted by you in your heavenly abode. Om Shanti! Shanti ! Shanti!