Heartbreaking : Thunberg

NEW DELHI, Apr 25 : Environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg on Saturday said the ongoing coronavirus crisis in India is "heartbreaking". The climate change activist also appealed to the global community to come forward and help India out of the crisis.
"Heartbreaking to follow the recent developments in India. The global community must step up and immediately offer the assistance needed," tweeted 18-year-old Thunberg.
Along with her tweet, Thunberg shared a news report about India's prevailing health crisis as the country reports over 3 lakh cases every day.
In a new record high, India recorded the highest daily surge in the world with more than 3.46 lakh Covid-19 infections, which takes the country's caseload to 1.66 crore.
The country also registered the deadliest day of the pandemic with 2,624 deaths.
Delhi and Maharashtra recorded the highest-ever number of deaths in a single day. Today is the third consecutive day when over three lakh cases have been reported. The Mint