Be patient for sustainable career

Ranjan K Baruah
Contd from prev issue
The use of technology properly will enhance the employability skills. One may also think of learning another language. One of the best things is investing the time instead of wasting the time. Most of us waste the time and will repent in future. This is the time to invest time to gather knowledge and different skills. Getting accessed to different digital libraries is one of the best options.
One of the best things we can do at home is starting participatory learning where students as well guardians and parents also start learning. We can transform the home into a learning hub till lock down or similar situation remains. All the members of the family may start learning something new. Learning or online classes should not only limit students or job seekers. As there is no age for learning and reading so let us all utilize the time in learning new things and skills. There are many online courses with certification where students and others may enrol. Before taking any certification course digitally please ensure that credible institutes are being chosen by aspirants.
Like the students of secondary and senior secondary students, college and university students may also prepare for various exams conducted by different agencies. Students preparing for different competitive examinations should feel good that they have got more time for preparation. More time means more possibilities and more chances of learning many new things. Let us tell our mind that we are investing the time so that we get more interest and the interest would be cracking competitive examinations in near future.  
My request to teachers and faculty members would be please think of innovative ways as experienced teachers can do wonders even in this situation. There can be team work with formal teachers and other mentors or professionals engaged in guidance to keep motivating our students. But all the students should remember that the best person to motivate one is the person himself or herself. Let us stay motivated and remain positive for our own bright future. Instead of worry we should try to engage ourselves in constructive activities. Let us keep fighting the pandemic and make sure that all of us remain healthy. Instead of focusing on little negative news like deaths or shortage of oxygen in a few areas,   let us focus on the fact that many have cured from COVID 19 and we need to trust our immune system and keep ourselves healthy to fight the virus. Invest time and don’t merely waste time in these situations if we want a sustainable career for us.

(Ranjan K Baruah is a career mentor and skill trainer and can be reached at 8473943734 or [email protected] for any queries)