Waste at Mt Koubru handed to IMC

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 28: In a first in Manipur, Poirei Eethiba Lup (PEEL), Singjamei has handed over garbage, its volunteers collected from Mount Koubru to the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) for safe disposal.
Members and volunteers of PEEL had visited Mount Koubru on pilgrimage and collected the waste including plastic bottles on their way back. They transported the waste for safe disposal with the assistance of the IMC.
As PEEL handed over the waste, IMC Mayor L Lokeshwar appreciated the Lup for the initiative they undertook to keep Mount Koubru clean and green.
“This is the first time an organisation has handed over garbage for safe disposal to the IMC. The initiative of PEEL is encouraging,” said the Mayor, also appealing to all to not litter on Mount Koubru.
People who visit the sacred mountain should not litter plastic bottles and other waste. They should bring back the waste they generate when they come back for safe disposal, he said.
The Mayor also noted that PEEL is sending the right message to the people by taking up the initiative.
PEEL’s vice president Moirangthem Imoba said about 70 members and volunteers took part in the mission to make Mount Koubru clean and green.  
They started trekking on April 24 and divided the 70 people into three groups to conduct social services and collect waste. They returned today.
The IMC sent a vehicle to collect the garbage at the foothill, he said, appreciating the IMC for the help and assistance.