PANDM set to intensify its drive against tobacco products

IMPHAL, Apr 29
The People's Action for National Development Movement (PANDM) has resolved to intensify its drive against tobacco products.
In a statement, PANDM contended that tobacco products such as chewing paan, zarda, khaini, gutka etc are still available in the State, despite the Government order banning such items.
Claiming that tobacco products are continuously brought into the State via air and road even today, he added that many traders dealing in such items are allegedly safeguarded by certain police officers/personnel.
It further claimed that these police personnel are only busy detaining/arresting those who challenge the big tobacco traders and not bringing them (the traders) to book.
Further claiming that keithels in the State are being controlled by big businessmen from other States, the association maintained that intervention of the higher authorities is requisite to effectively enforce the direction of the Government.
Asking the shopkeepers to sell only permitted items at a proper rate, the PANDM urged the people of Manipur to support its drive.
The statement also urged the State Government to fix the price of all essentials and punish those who sell items at an inflated rate.