Canals of Sangaiyumpham cleaned for Ramadan

Our Correspondent
THOUBAL, Apr 29: In order to avoid water scarcity issue during the Ramadan month,  ponds and drainage system of Sangaiyumpham in Khangabok Assembly Constituency were cleaned yesterday under the leadership of Thokchom Jadumani Singh, former BJP candidate of Khangabok A/C.
Speaking on the sidelines, Th Jadumani stated that after the canals of Sangaiyumpham Part I and Part II are cleaned, water is pumped into the ponds located in the area from the Arong river to avoid water scarcity issues.
He continued that in areas where there is no facility of pumping water from rivers such as 35/26 Sangaiyumpham Karanchi area, water tankers are used to fill up the local ponds.
The locals lauded the initiative of Th Jadumani for helping the locals amid the water scarcity issues faced by the locals during the sacred month of Ramadan.