PTFC urges Govt to put in strong measures

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 2 : People Task Force for COVID-19 (PTFC-19) has urged the State Government and the Home Department to consider putting in place stringent  Covid preventive measures in the State again as the second wave of the highly infectious disease is already hitting hard some States of the country.
A press release issued by PTFC-19 also said that the police cracking down on Covid SOPs violators seems to be slowing down and at the same time people disregarding Covid appropriate behaviours are rising.
The task force charged that there is also no indication of police putting in efforts to contain the spread of the Covid during the Yaoshang Sports Meets at localities.
The State would face untold hardship if the number of Covid cases increase abruptly at this time, it said and appealed to the people to follow the SOPs laid down by the Government such as wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing etc.
Saying that ignoring the presence of Covid would be disastrous, PTFC-19 opined that combating the disease and preventing the new strain from entering the State requires people's effort.
The statement then reminded that disregarding the SOPs laid down will put the  State in trouble again.
Manipur has over 29 thousand cases.