The Last Night

Dorsy Hodam
Lying there, unable to fall asleep
Eyes closed but mind unrest
The silence suffocating me
I slowly rise and sat up
My eyes wandered to the sound
Of the rusted clock on the wall
It was almost midnight
I left my bed and began walking
Aimlessly, looking around
Taking in all the small things
Of my home of seventeen years
Halted suddenly as I reached
The big window by the stairs
Under which I had spent
All my sleepless endless nights
Where the breeze never leaves
And the stars never fail to come
As always, they are here
To be with me on this night
But I have to say my goodbyes
Never will we be together like this
As this sleepless night pass
Never would I come back here
Seeking comfort through the night
Here’s a toast to all the nights
Spent in silence, at each other sides
Don’t shine so bright tonight
It will be harder to say goodbye
I have to leave all of you behind
As the dawn breaks to wake the birds
This night and all the previous ones
Will be with me throughout time
As I go on as life takes me
Leaving behind my childhood
With all of you here tonight
I hope you all protect it with care
Until I come back to take it
With the Reaper along my side.