Moment With My Pen

M Minakshi Devi
Each day I feel to stay highly keen
To reunite with my pen and blank paper.
It doesn't matter if I am sad or glad,
Something I still wish to write down upon the paper.
Sometimes it rhymes musically,sometimes totally not.
Sometimes it makes real sense,sometimes almost not.
During late night hours or in the break of dawn, I choose to write
With words which reflect a smile for thoughts so bright.
I write words which create tears as well reflect emotions
And words which attempt to answer all my questions.
I write as though I am talking to my gay heart
And feel the zeal which always heals or doesn't hurt.
I keep weaving aura of fine thoughts throughout the night
With testful tales wrapped around my own with might.
Like lioness on paper,I roar aloud to get views out
And musical words seem to bleed from my pen freely throughout.
Hidden messages and silenced tales echoes in my words then
Which i wish to call as Power Of My Pen!